The Unexpected

Blaise Zabini dragged a long, thin finger along Daphne Greengrass' jaw bone as she fidgeted nervously beside him. To her left Draco was smirking deviously at her. Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini were famous for getting what they wanted using their own forms of persuasion. To say that the Slytherin boys had the girls in their house wrapped around their finger would be an understatement.

"So, Daphne, love, are you going to... help us out?" Draco whispered to her, running his hand up and down her thigh. He looked over at Blaise, and they shared a look. After years of friendship, with only one  simple look, volumes of information.

Pansy Parkinson looked across at the Slytherin boys and the withering girl between them and shook her head. They were only in their sixth year at Hogwarts and already those boys took it upon themselves to take absolute power over the Slytherin house. When they graduate there is going to be one hell of a hole to fill, she thought to herself as she put her attention back to her pathetic excuse of a potions essay.

"B-b-but why can't you just have Pansy do it? She's be happy to, since she sleeps around anyways." Pansy heard Daphne say after only 5 minutes of pure concentration on her essay. Pansy snapped her head over to the trio on the couch. The room fell silent and even Draco and Blaise moved out of the way as Pansy stalked over to them.

"Excuse me, Greengrass, ca you tell me why my name coming from your mouth?" Pansy said as the sneer grew on her face. Everyone in the Slytherin House knew Pansy Parkinson help authority over the girls, equal to the authority Draco Malfoy had over... everyone else.

Draco smirked. He knew Daphne loved challenging Pansy's authority. Daphne hated how Pansy held the self-proclaimed title of 'slytherin Queen'. If any one deserved that title, Daphne often thought bitterly, it was herself, not a little slut like Pansy, and she told her this as often as she could.

"Watch who you're talking to, Parkinson. We all know you're bedded more then Madam Pomfrey during Quidditch season." Daphne said, smiling smugly at the brunette.

Draco looked over at Blaise. Whenever some tried to get in it with Pansy, no one was left unscathed. The short-haired brunette knew every one's insecurities and in-most secrets and she exploited them whenever is suited her. Pansy wasn't handy with a wand, like Blaise nor was she a potions master like Draco but her words left scathing burns worse than any curse or poison and could send even the biggest baddest Auror crying to his mother. And when she got started, she didn't finished until everyone who bothered her was left with a bruised ego.

"Oh, don't even start, Greengrass. At least they came willingly to me, you had to bribe Flint in your third year to fuck you. and everyone knows he's a bit ...." Pansy winked. "I wonder what exactly you had to do you get him to sleep with you, Daphne, you never really did tell any one-" Daphne stood up.

"Just shut it, Parkinson! God, I hate you!" Daphne turned away from everyone and ran to the girls dormitory, but not before looking back and saying spitefully. "One day, you'll get yours, Parkinson, I swear it!"

Pansy, clearly unmoved by Daphne's proclamation, looked around the room. "Anyone else?" No one spoke. "Now, if there aren't anymore interruptions, I have an extremely important potions essay I have to finish today!" Pansy cat walked back to her seat without sparing a glance at all the 1st and 2nd years staring at her, or at the other student who averted their eyes, already used to this side of Pansy.
Draco rolled his eyes, 'melo-dramatic bitch' he thought with no malice. His eyes found Crabbe and Goyle. He made a small motion to the door and stood, knowing they'll follow him.
"Well, I have better things to do then hit in this damned common room all day. Good day-" Pansy quickly stood up, interrupting Draco's bid good bye.
"No, you can't leave-" it was Draco's turn to interrupt now.
"Yes I can, just watch and see how I turn away and..." Draco trailed off and mocked walking to the door. "See? Simple."
Pansy rolled her eyes and placed a hand on her hip. "No, Draco, I mean I need your help. I'm absolutely horrid in Potions, you know that, so I need your help." Draco crossed his arms over his chest slowly and let his eyes set on the shorter brunette. Pansy, recognizing Draco's undaunted look, sighed. "Blaise, tell your friend to stop being such a wanker."
Blaise, startled to be called upon, turned his attention to the couple who already had the attention of everyone in the room. Collecting himself, Blaise smirked.
"You heard the girl, mate. Quit being such a tosser."

Scowling, Draco glared at his friends and shoot a look to everyone else in the room, “The show's over, everyone out!” The only ones left in the common room, aside from Draco, Pansy and Blaise, were second and third years, who immediately scrambled out of the room before Draco even finished.



"I-I-it's just I th-thought we would l-last for ever!" Lavender cried as Parvati patter her back softly. Hermione left her dorm mates and went to get more toilet paper from the connecting bathroom. She sighed as she thought her distressed friend. She had been dumped yet again by her latest beau. Honestly, She pitied her friend and wished she would find a boy worthy of her time, but, Hermione knew it was illogical to think a sixteen year old boy would fall in love while his hormones controlled the better of his brain. Hermione did not dare to mention this to the heart broken girl who was currently crying a river in her bed. No matter how practical and logical Hermione was, she knew better than to say anything except words of comfort to Lavender.

Parvati brushed Lavender's hair in front of the one variety the three girls shared in their dorm. Hermione smiled at Lavender as she painted her nails. The two girls were used to pampering Lavender after a rough break since it happened 3 or 4 times a year since they were thirteen, it started with Seamus Finnigan, then his best mate Dean Thomas, and after those two Lavender's boyfriends were just an assortment or Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws, all of whom broke Lavender's fragile heart.

You now what guys,” Lavender Sniffled after blowing her nose hard into a napkin, “I need a make-over, I'll feel better about myself them. Look at yours, Hermione, it looks fabulous.” Lavender complimented her with a smile. Hermione smiled back, but shook her head softly.

I just got a little hair cut, Lavender, nothing major.” But even Hermione knew it was just 'a little hair cut'. Last year Hermione had wore her extremely long, curly and frizzy hair all the way down her back, until it tickled the tip of her bum. So, more out of necessity than anything else, Hermione went to her aunt's hair salon with Ginny Weasley for a hair cut. She ended up leaving with, not only a hair cut, but layers and wispy fringes. She also got new shampoo, though there was no way in the world Hermione's hair would be straight, or even wavy, for more than a day, her hair no longer looked frizzy, but curly as it should be. Her hair was just past her shoulders, curly, to almost reach her mid-back, and her layers gave her hair more value, or so she was told. Although Hermione wasn't one to usually pamper herself, she had to admit, she did look really nice.

Rubbish, Hermione, you know it looks wonderful. Now if you could put more than chap stick on every morning, you could almost look presentable- hey!” Parvati ducked, laughing, as Hermione sent a pillow her way. Still laughing, she continued. “Honestly, we could really follow you lead. I admit, you didn't really do anything drastic but you did enough, really. Even a tiny change could make a huge difference. I want to cut my hair. I want mine like, shorter in the back and longer in the front. But not too, too short. I-I don't know how to explain it.” Parvati finished, fingering her long black hair.

On, I get what you're saying.” Lavender said, Jumping up, and running her hands through her friend's hair. “Oh this is going to be so much fun!” Lavender turned to Hermione, who was inching towards the door. “Not going to stay for the make-over, Hermione?”

Uh, no actually, I've got to finish some homework. I hope you don't mind...” Hermione grabbed her bag, ready to leave.

Parvati and Lavender sighed and shared an eye roll. “Of course not,” Lavender told her. “But you're going to miss all the make-over fun!”

Hermione smiled at her dorm mates, 'I'm sure I can live with out it.' She thought as she ran down the stairs that lead to the warm red and scarlet common room.


"Salamander blood is one of the most important ingredients in the Strengthening potion, because of its magical properties-"
"Wait, just wait! I'm still writing that other sentence!" Pansy interrupted ad she began scratching out words as fast as her hand could. Draco rolled his eyes. At only 17, Draco had national recognition for his potion making. He was in the top percentile in a potions competition for his theory on the wolfbane potion and could brew just about anything, so it was not surprising that he was at top of his potions class every year.
"Why are you studying Strengthening potions? We covered it last yet, it was on the
O.W.Ls." Draco asked her. Pansy looked up and glared at her blond friend.
"I got a D on my potions O.W.L." Draco's jaw dropped, but he quickly recovered any smirked. He had gotten an O. "And, I had to take potions this year so Dumbledore's letting me take fifth year potions again and redo my potions O.W.L." Pansy shrugged, then she smiled. "I'm finished! 1 and a half feet, all done. Sorry I made waste you're afternoon,” Pansy said, not sounding sorry at all, “Let's go get dinner. I'm starving!" Draco scoffed but got up and stretched anyways. Pansy shouted for the third year who was always doing her bidding.

Her name was Rosalinda Lara, and her Mexican roots promised she would be a sexy and exotic upperclassmen. Though she was only thirteen, Draco knew this girl was going to be a bombshell, and was highly upset he wasn't going to be at Hogwarts to see it. And just as Pansy had done starting in her second year for a fifth year all the way until she was a seventh year and Pansy was in her fourth, little Rosie assisted Pansy in anything she needed assistance in. Whether it be running errands, or sending messages, Rosie did everything. And when Rosie was in her fifth year and Pansy was no longer in Hogwarts, Rosie would adopt her own little second year to boss around until it was her time to leave. And the chain just kept going.

Alright, Pansy, I'll have this all done by tomorrow.” Rosie answered. “And I've already got most of your presents, so far I've received 12.” Pansy frowned, so the third year quickly moved on, “B-but, the remaining 6 promised to have them in by tomorrow.” Satisfied, Pansy sent the little third year away with wave of her hand. Draco watched his female friend, interested. They had been friends, more or less, since their toddler days. He had learned to love her and her ways, though he had to admit she looked like a ugly dog when they were younger. Thankfully, she grew into her look by third year. The pretty brunette was no longer at petite as she was in her third and second year, now she stood at an impressive 5'6, though she was still shorter than Draco who was 6'1 and Blaise who was 5'11.Blaise and Draco often spoke about she fact that she had no arse but she was quite impressive in the chest compartment, though Blaise quoted that she would be more likely to start sagging earlier, and that comment earned one hell of a smack of her.

Blaise stood up and yawned. He stretched his arms over his head and arched his back. Although he didn't play Quidditch like Draco -“Not my cup of tea.” he often said- he never let himself go. Blaise had opted against 'rock-hard- abs that Quidditch had, and instead he adopted a lean figure, with muscles in the right areas and a flat stomach. “No need for those idiotic little squares, they would ruin the appearance of my belly-button.” Blaise always said. He's the only teenage boy in the world, Draco thought, who would be proud to have an outie for a belly button.

Are you finished?” Blaise asked the couple in front of him. “I've been waiting forever. Everyone's gone to dinner already, even Crabbe and Goyle, and they never leave us.” Blaise said, sounding awfully close to whining. Draco smirked.

No one asked you to stay, Zabini.” He began, and Blaise scoffed. “Besides, we both know you just didn't want to be alone at the table after what Pansy told everyone.” Blaise turned so red that even Draco could see it, and that was not easy, since Blaise is as dark as he is.

Pansy laughed. “Come one boys, Lets try and catch some dinner or else we'll have to sneak to the kitchens. And Draco, you know you hate mingling with the help.” Draco nodded, still grinning as Blaise glared at him.


Damn it, Hermione, first you make us go to the library when its perfect flying weather to catch up on next month's homework, and now we're late for dinner. We've barely got 15 minutes left” Ron complained as the trio walked briskly down the hall. Harry silently agreed. They had finished the homework due tomorrow hours ago, but Hermione insisted they should finished all the homework assigned, saying that it would make the up coming week much easier if they didn't have a load of homework hanging over their heads. Though Harry knew Hermione was right, right now he was starving and he failed to see the logic in doing homework so early.

I was doing you a favor, Ron, honestly! You two are doing yourselves a serious disservice by leaving all you work until the last possible minute!” Hermione huffed. She had a bag full of books slowing her down, so eventually she had to slow down and catch her breath. Harry and Ron turn to see their best friend leaning against the stone wall and breathing heavily.

You should really get into shape, Hermione. That was barely a 3 minutes jog we did. You really aren't healthy. If you like, I can take you out and-” Before Harry could finish his offer, Hermione raised her hand, shaking her head no.

I've seen how you train you Quidditch players. I think I'm more likely to survive in a boot camp.” Hermione joked. Ron looked puzzled.

Boot camp...?” Harry just laughed, which Ron took as 'It's a muggle thing.'

Hermione opened her mouth to say something but paused when she heard laughter coming from around the corner.

She looked like she wanted to kill you, Pansy! Honestly, thank your lucky stars that she didn't take her wand out right then and there!” A female voice, probably Parkinson's, laughed.

She would never do anything. I'm in charge, and she knows it. She hasn't formally challenged me yet, has she? Unlike when Pucey challenged you, Draco.” Hermione could almost hear the blond Slytherin smirk.

"He never had a chance." Blaise, who apparently was walking ahead of his friends turner the corner. He smirked when he the three Gryffindors. Harry stepped forward, but then Draco and Pansy turned the corner and stood beside their friend.

Look at this. It's Potty, Weasel, ans Ms. Know-It-All. Just what I needed to lose my appetite.” Draco curling his lip in disgust.

Haven t you got netter things to do, Ferret Face, than bothering us?” Harry sneered back.

Yea,what about keeping your dog on a leash?” Ron spat, gesturing at Pansy. Blaise, who had always been a passive Slytherin, and was always the one to intervene. And when he saw his friends turn red and reach for their wands, he knew he had to stop them.

Cool down Pansy. And don't act a fool Draco.” He whispered quietly to his friends who were on either side of him.

Yea, Malfoy, better listen to your girlfriend-” Draco launched himself at Ron before he could finish. Harry pointed his wand at Draco, who was straddling Ron while the red-head held his arms over his face to protect himself from Draco blows. But before Harry could cast a spell, Blaise tackled his knees, sending him to the ground. The four boys seemed to have forgotten they were wizards and abandoned any attempts to grab their wands.

This is so barbaric! Stop it!” Hermione shrieked at him, kicking someone's leg, though she wasn't sure who's. “You better stop, I'm calling a professor-” Hermione made her way to the stair case, ranting. Then the curly-haired witch's voice stopped abruptly. She continued to rant silently until she noticed Pansy snickering.

Just shut up, Granger, and enjoy the show.” Hermione took out her wand, but then she saw a certain red head running down the hall with her eyes set on Pansy, and Pansy only

Ginny crash into Pansy with such force that it sent them both to the floor. Ginny sprang back up, grinning.

I've always dreamed of doing that!” Hermione laughed silently, until Pansy pulled Ginny back to the ground by her hair. By then, another Slytherin had wandered over to them.

Pansy? Draco, Blaise? What the hell is going on here?” Theo Nott shouted, half walking, half jogging over to the group.

Theo had shared a dorm with both Blaise and Draco for six years. They had formed a friendship, though he always felt Draco and Blaise were closer to each other than to him. But he didn't mind. He looked dumbfounded as he watched his three friends for the floor fighting with the Gryffindors. Then Ron stumbled over to him, with a bloody nose.

Damn you, Slytherins.” He punched Theo in the face. Theo was a thin small boy, no taller than 5'6 and being around him made Hermione feel over-weight.

Theo went down like a rock, but not before grabbing onto Hermione bag filled with books, hoping to regain balance, but he only succeeded in bringing her down with him. Before Hermione lost consciousness from falling down the marble stair case, she heard the unmistakable voice of Professor Snape.

New Story

I've been working on a new story, and it has about 4 main pairings, so I didn't want to put it on Fanfiction and limit it to one pairing so I decided to put it up here(:

Title: The Unexpected
Author:Lady Adorlee Malfoy
Pairing: Hermione/Draco, Blaise/Ginny, Harry/Pansy, Ron/Theo
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Spoiler for books 1-5
Summary: Since when has falling in love been simple? And if you go to Hogwarts, it just gets more complicated.
Author's Notes: I'm starting off in the sixth year. I'm planning on a series, but I don't know if I should make the seventh year (start of the War, by the way) a part of this story or start again in another story.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, except the plot(:

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